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cinderella play cinderella play cinderella play
cinderella play cinderella play cinderella play


In case you are looking around for the perfect activity to provide your school kids with – something they are sure to enjoy every bit of, and will be quite eager to participate in, then here is a wonderful idea. You could set up a merry little Cinderella play, which everyone is bound to take pleasure in, complete with costumes, script and various drama sets.

A Cinderella play will, first of all, require a decent script. In case you are planning to take charge of a musical one, which is definitely advisable to ensure complete involvement on everybody’s part, then your script will also need lyrics, each set of which in turn will need to be set to the right kind of tune. The Cinderella play need not be very long, but ought to include all the important characters and events portrayed in the story. This would not prove to be very difficult, though.

Once the script is ready, the next step is to hold auditions for the kids, and select the right ones to play the right characters. You will need, obviously, Cinderella, Prince Charming, the Fairy Godmother, the stepmother, stepsisters, the King, and the Queen, to begin with. Other characters could include coachmen and footmen for Cinderella’s carriage, the messenger who arrives at her door with the glass slipper, and guests for the ballroom scene.

As soon as you have decided on who will play which character, you really ought to start practicing. You can either make the children recite the lines, or if you are planning to employ a different recitation group to provide voices to the characters, then it is quite important for you to give them enough practice together, concentrating on their timing and of course, the correct combination of voice modulation and acting. The easier way is to record a cassette for the play, and have the kids practice with it. Whatever you choose to do, though, ensure that you employ the right techniques to deal with the kids, and to teach them their part correctly.

Next, you will have to create the costumes and accessories, along with the sets that will provide a background for the play as such. You could take the help of children who have a good hand at art, in order to get help with this. You will need a set for Cinderella’s garden, her house, the ballroom, and the street outside the palace, with the huge tower clock. You could build these sets with the help of cardboard and paper, or any other of your choice.

The dresses will all have to be bright and flashy, except for the one which Cinderella wears at home. The crowns, magic wand, the carriage, along with the pumpkin which transforms into it, mice and horses, all need to be created, and most of all, you will need a dainty pair of glass (they could be vinyl ones; they are cheaper and more easily found) slippers, large enough for the audience to see. Other accessories could be crafted as per your wish.

There is a lot to do, when it comes to directing a Cinderella play, and you need to see that you have taken care of each and every aspect of it, in order to ensure a successful one. However, if you have everything under control, it is sure to be a grand sensation, and everybody, from the participants to the audience, is sure to love it.

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