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cinderella characters cinderella characters cinderella characters
cinderella characters cinderella characters cinderella characters


Cinderella is one of the most admired and noteworthy legends that have ever been created. The story of Cinderella has changed over the centuries, and has meandered across many nations and regions in different structures, at different points in time, undergoing constant changes, not just in terms of the overall plot, but also the characters involved.

Earlier versions of Cinderella included fewer characters, each of great importance. However, after going through a series of constant alterations made to it, it has finally emerged in a new, attractive package, with a great number of characters added to the story. To tell you the truth, actually, the celebrated Fairy Godmother was not a part of the story at all in its earlier versions. It was substituted by various mystical hints emanating from the protagonist’s real mother’s grave. The Fairy Godmother was added as a character only in the version written by Charles Perrault. This proves that just as the world evolves, so does literature of all kinds, and hence, so do legends.

Apart from Perrault, though, one of the most renowned animated film producers, by the name of Walt Disney, added many more characters to the story of Cinderella, mostly animals who befriend our lovely protagonist, and who help her in their own ingenious and actually considerably successful ways every time she needs it. These Cinderella characters include Bruno the Bloodhound, Major the horse, Jacques ("Jaq" for short), and Octavius, or “Gus”, the mice. And of course, it did have the main Cinderella characters such as Cinderella herself (obviously), her father the aristocrat, her stepmother Lady Tremaine, stepsisters Anastasia and Drizella, the Fairy Godmother, the Grand Duke, the King, our very own Prince Charming, and Lucifer, the evil cat that belonged to Lady Tremaine.

Normally, we see Cinderella being performed at various levels, and in various settings. These include school plays, recitations etc. Here, normally, Cinderella, Prince Charming, the Fairy Godmother, the stepmother, stepsisters, the King, and the Queen, are included. Other Cinderella characters include coachmen and footmen for Cinderella’s carriage, the messenger who arrives at her door with the glass slipper, and guests for the ballroom scene.

The story of Cinderella, and all the characters included in it, in the end, make a wonderful fairy tale, to entrance little girls and allow them to dream in the same way about their own handsome Princes, giving them a ray of hope, and great reassurance, that they will be swept off their feet in pretty much the same way as this young maiden was. Apart from this, however, the Cinderella characters will carry you into a world of fantasy, imagination, and of course, magic, away from the monotony and dreariness of the humdrum world.

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