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cinderella carriage cinderella carriage cinderella carriage
cinderella carriage cinderella carriage cinderella carriage


When you plan an event of any kind whatsoever, there are many aspects that you really ought to consider, especially if its theme is the most popular fairy-tale of all time, Cinderella. In case this event happens to be a Cinderella wedding, though, more careful attention is in order when it comes to each and every facet. While you may have everything else sorted out and under control, you might have missed out on certain finer details of the wedding, which are definitely not less important, just a little less immediate. However, such things are bound to pose a problem on the actual wedding day, and hence, ought to be dealt with first, just to get them out of the way.

One of these facets is the mode of transportation that you are planning to use while traveling to and from the venue of your wedding, and reception too. An absolutely delightful way of arriving for your Cinderella wedding would be in a special, delicately wrought Cinderella carriage. There are certain firms that allow you to either buy or hire these Cinderella carriages for a day, and provide you with the perfect services that are expected pertaining to it, such as footmen, coachmen and horses, of course.

A Cinderella carriage ought to be pumpkin shaped, parallel to the tale, and ought to look just grand and royal from each and every dimension. While it may not be very large in size, it would still be large enough to accommodate at least three to four people, and will most certainly add a touch of royalty and magnificence, to accentuate the overall concept of the wedding.

Generally, Cinderella carriages are made of metal, which is wrought into a delicate and exquisite structure, complete with seats and wheels. They could be motor-run, or horse-drawn, depending on your preference and the distance between the various venues. Some firms provide these Cinderella carriages only under certain conditions, which include a particular amount of distance, costs etc.

While hiring a Cinderella carriage, though, there are certain things you really ought to keep in mind. First of all, you must consider the season during which you are planning to hold your wedding. If by any chance, your wedding day happens to be a rainy one, you might be in for quite an unpleasant beginning for the ceremony, for a Cinderella carriage without a proper cover will get you totally drenched from head to toe even before you reach the venue. Hence, see that you choose correctly. Apart from this, decide whether you want a Cinderella carriage complete with lights and lanterns of sorts in the front, back and on the sides, for these will enhance the overall beauty of the façade, especially, and obviously, during the night, by casting a magical, mesmerizing glow on the carriage itself, as well as its surroundings.

Once you have all this sorted out, though, you are quite ready to seat yourself in a special, beautiful Cinderella carriage – one that will transport you to your fairy-tale wedding in great splendor, and will make this extraordinary day even more romantic and exceptional for you.

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